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Hey guys! How are you all doing? It’s been a while since I’ve last posted, but I’ve been working on a bunch of different little projects lately since I cannot seem to focus on doing one thing at a time. Yesterday was different though. I managed to start and finish a project in one night (*cough* all-nighter *cough* ) and I really wanted to share the result with all of you.

So our three year old has been really crazy about this weird character for a while. Some of you may know him, some of you may not. It’s the little ink demon ‘Bendy’ from the indie horror game series ‘Bendy and the Ink Machine’ created by ‘The Meatly’. Now all kids love plushies.

Okay, okay, you’re right I love plushies too and I figured Bendy would be easy to make. I saved some reference pictures but ended up following a great tutorial by BudgetHobby on YouTube. Check out the tutorial (and the rest of BudgetHobby’s channel as well, there’s a lot more cool DIY’s where this came from) here!

The tutorial shows how you can make a bendy plush out of a pair of socks and some black and white felt. I used an old pair of thermo tights instead of socks and black felt and some scraps of a white t-shirt instead of white felt. I also chose to sew on everything (most of it by hand) instead of glueing it on because I had the feeiling that the glue wouldn’t stand a chance against our kid. I basically just winged the bowtie because it was 06.00 AM. So it took me a little longer than expected. I really like how it turned out and our son is super happy to have his own little Bendy!

What would you like to see us make? Leave a suggestion in the comments!

May the Fourth be with you!

Quick update!
to celebrate May the Fourth, I’ve drawn FanArt of Rey and Ben Solo!

May the force be with you!


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