Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s another Valentine’s Day, or as some people would love to call it, Single Awareness Day. Well, we’re having none of that! Instead, let’s focus on what’s really important: New Steven Universe episodes! Yes, we’ve recently jumped out of the last Steven Bomb, which means a couple of more episodes until we hit the hiatus again! Yay!

So, for those out there who are looking for a little bit of romance, we’ve got a new article about the love life of a bunch of teenagers. I assume most are already tired of all those Ruby and Sapphire talk when it comes to relationships, and we won’t see Mystery Girl for a very long time, so, why not talk about Steven and Connie?

For those who have their significant other, cherish the love you have for as long as you both will live. And for those who are still single, everything is love, even for somebody like you, for him, for her, for me. I guess the last one will go over the head of many.

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