The Knights of the Lotus – Supreme leader Plagueis

The Knights of the Lotus

Now that I have explained these two theories, can you connect the dots? So IF Snoke is Plagueis and he has found a way to keep himself alive, he might found some form of interest in this strong group of individuals who, by the way, have recieved some great deal of character development for them to just easily be disposed of. Just think about it, for a group of strangers who acted as a team even though they just met, probably means (this might be a huge stretch) their bond was somehow forged by the Force. To me it really isn’t unthinkable to believe Snoke kept them alive because of their strong bond through the Force, knowing the naturally strong team chemistry of this group of rogues.

Another thing that hints to me that this theory could be quite a possibility is in the name: the Knights of Ren. I did some research and went to look up the meaning of the name Ren. According to several name databases, the name Ren in Japanese means Lotus. Kind of a stretch when you send a bunch of Knights fighting in the sake of some flower, right? But what if I told you the Lotus holds some symbolism. Across several cultures, the Lotus symbolizes Death and Rebirth. Isn’t it convenient that the members of Rogue One die at the end of their movie? It would certainly tie up to the fact that their Rebirth by the hands of Darth Plagueis into the Knights of Ren wouldn’t be that weird of a thought after all… Death and Rebirth, anyone?

Also take note of this particular part of a youtube video called “Rogue One Stars Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED” at the 2:29 mark:

In case you missed it they answer to the question “Is Rogue One a trilogy?”, wherein Diego Luna promptly answers while the camera zooms into his face:

“We can not answer to that. Rogue One is Rogue One…” – Diego Luna

Maybe I’m looking too much into it but to me it’s like they’re telling us there’s still some unanswered questions that are going to be answered one way or another. He could’ve told us and answered with a straight and simple “No”, but instead they choose to let him say that they can not simply answer the question. Could this be a sign that the final death scene isn’t the end of this remarkable squad?

Tell me what you think about this mini theory. Do you agree, or totally disagree? Maybe you have some thoughts of your own to back up this theory. Leave a comment and share your thoughts!


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  1. Unfortunately i found out way too late that Pablo Hidalgo, the creative executor for Lucasfilms, basically confirmed that Snoke is not Plagueis. Ah well, there’s still hope for the other theory ;P

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