The Library: The safest or most dangerous place?

For at least a thousand years the Library houses the world’s most dangerous magical artifacts. That’s because it’s considered to be the most secure place on the planet. Well, technically the Library isn’t exactly on our planet, it lies in a pocket dimension. But does this fact make the Library indeed the safest place to store these objects?

The Library

Nobody exactly knows the origins of the Library, but we do know that Judson was the first Librarian. We also know that the Library has several protective shields and safety measures. In the first Librarian movie, it was guarded by several guards, and there were also several procedures to go through before you could enter. We haven’t seen them since the second movie, but even without those, magical barriers protect the Library from evil.

As an ultimate safety mechanism, the Library can be cut off from our reality. This seals all contents inside until the Library is tethered again. In the first season of The Librarians, this was the entire plot. Finally, we have the Librarian or Librarians to take care of everything in case all else fails. The Librarian exists to protect the Library, and to contain all the magic in the world.

The Library folding in on itself


Even with all these safeguards, though, the Library isn’t completely free from breaches. There have been at least three instances of a breach. The first two times it was the Serpent Brotherhood, and the third time it was D.O.S.A. I specifically say at least, because it’s possible that it could have been breached before. Mind you, the Library existed for over a thousand years, anything could happen in that time.

We know when the first time this breach happened that a Librarian was involved. Edward Wilde, the Librarian before Flynn Carsen, faked his death. He then proceeded to steal a fragment of the Spear of Destiny. Because of his status as a Librarian, he had no trouble getting in.

In the pilot episode of The Librarians, Cassandra Cillian lead the Serpent Brotherhood inside the Library. It’s what lead to it being cut off from the real world. The third time there was a breach it was a ploy by Flynn Carsen and Eve Baird. They needed to get D.O.S.A. to lure Apep into the Library and get most artifacts out.

As you’ve noticed, all three cases required a Librarian or a guardian. You could say that the Library itself is pretty secure.

The guardian

The guardian is there to protect the soul of a Librarian. The Library goes through Librarians like tissue, so the guardian’s job isn’t to keep them alive. They need to prevent them from going corrupt. It already has happened at least once that a Librarian has taken the bad path. Being around all these magical artifacts can be tempting, and some succumb to this.

The Library itself picks its Librarian. It’s not certain how this works entirely, but we do know that it’s sentient. This means that it can make mistakes in picking its Librarian. We’ve already seen this with Edward Wilde when he sided with the Serpent Brotherhood. It might also have had some guidance from Judson, but it at least does the initial selection. This is why the guardian is a necessity. Even the best Librarian can be swayed, so the guardian is there to make sure this doesn’t happen.

This does mean that the Librarian is both the protector as well as a liability, as all the magic in the world is within his reach. A wrong push could endanger the world. So, is it really safe to keep all these artifacts close to the Librarian?


During season 3, we have a new threat: D.O.S.A., or the Department of Statistical Anomalies. Like the Library, it exists to contain all the magic in the world. They believe that the Librarian, specifically Flynn Carsen, is the most dangerous person on the planet, because all big events are tied to him.

During the season finale, we finally get to see where all the artifacts get stored. Unlike the Library, everything in D.O.S.A.’s possession is kept safe using technology. This means two things. One, that the artifacts are safe even from magical attacks, and two, that Ezekiel Jones can most likely steal it.

Let’s first look at the one thing that D.O.S.A. has for them. They use non-magical means to contain magical items, they have the knowledge, they know how to handle magic, they know how to keep the world safe from magic, and all without using magic themselves. That doesn’t make them immune, but they are most likely aware of that.

But, like I said, the world’s greatest thief can hack them. Since they only use technology, any human with even half the knowledge Ezekiel Jones has can access everything, if enough time is given.

D.O.S.A.'s warehouse

The safest place

So, does that mean the Library is the safest place? Perhaps, but in my opinion, it could benefit from the help of D.O.S.A. There needs to be a non-magical way to contain magical artifacts. In order to free Jenkins in the season 3 finale, it required the combined expertise of Ezekiel Jones, Jacob Stone and Cassandra Cillian. If even just that was present in the Library, it would keep it safe from any forces, both evil as well as the Librarians themselves.

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