Life and death and love and birth: Steven and Connie

We can't deny it, Steven and Connie are played up as a power couple. It hasn't been confirmed yet, but it's safe to asssume that they will end up together. And with this, there of course will be implications from this. In this special Valentine's Day article, we'll explore where this fusion might end up.

First comes love

It's apparent that Steven and Connie have a deep emotional bond. They really care about each other. It certainly is a kind of love, but is it a romantic love? Well, right now it doesn't exactly seem like it, though there is some romantic chemistry.

There might even be hints in the show itself that they already know about their feelings for each other. One particular example might be their fusion in Crack the Whip. There have been only two other times a fusion happened without there needing to be a fusion dance. The first one is Garnet, the second one is Smoky Quartz. Sure, they fused because they both had one goal, to protect Amethyst. But it requires to people to already have a connection to make it happen like this.

But what actually seals the deal is the one moment where they really connected without any pressure. The first time Steven and Connie fused, they were just dancing. They didn't even mean to fuse, and yet it happened. The very same thing happened the second time.

Steven and Connie dancing in Alone Together


Let's sidetrack here for a bit. Let's talk about a certain possibility. That Steven and Connie aren't meant to be together. We know that the Crewniverse loves to show a bit of realism in their show, and statistically a childhood romance doesn't last. What would the chances of that happening be?

While it is true that the show displays relationships as realistic as possible, there's one thing this ship has for them. Steven's journey mirrors that of Rose Quartz, and at the same time, Connie's life mirrors that of Greg Demayo. Sure, there are some major differences, like Steven and Connie being able to fuse, but at the same time this shows us why this relationship will work.

Greg and Rose went through some hardships, with Greg ending up alone, but with Steven and Connie, things are different. Steven does know how to love, as opposed to Rose Quartz. Yes, Steven and Connie will go through some things as well, but because Steven is human, he has a better understanding of it all.

Besides, we already have a ship sunk in the Uncle Grandpa crossover Say Uncle.

Uncle Grandpa sank another ship with Lars and Sadie.

More than Stevonnie

Stevonnie is essentially proof of not just their friendship, but their love for each other. But that isn't what defines their bond, it's just how it manifests itself. We know that Steven truly madly deeply cares for Connie, and that Connie feels the same way.

Stevonnie in We Need To Talk

Full Disclosure shows us that even though he might think he knows what's best for Connie, he can't follow through with it, not if it means losing out on a friendship. He also trusts Connie enough to keep Beach City safe.

Connie herself values their friendship a lot, and even goes as far as to keep all that magic a secret from her parents, out of fear that they'd forbid her from seeing Steven.

One scene that is shown as proof that they're more than friends is the last one in Indirect Kiss, where there's almost an actual kiss, and indeed, it's a strong scene. But there are many other ones. For example, when Steven and Connie first fuse, they first begin to dance. We know that Connie is afraid to dance in public, but she trusts Steven enough to dance with him. In my opinion, that part is a stronger proof than Stevonnie could ever be.

Growing love, growing Steven

Now that we've established that Steven and Connie are an item, let's see what their future brings. The most important aspect is Steven's growth. Most fan-art show him as a big bulking man, but could it be possible that Steven might never grow older?

Of course the answer is no, and here's the thing. In order for their relationship to grow, Steven needs to grow up. Not physically, but mentally. Right now Steven is still a child, both in appearance and in mind, and that needs to change first.

Steven and Connie dancing during Steven's Birthday

There's a reason Steven couldn't shapeshift himself older, and that's because he still has a child-like notion of being bigger. But Connie could help him with that. Before her, Steven didn't exactly have a lot of human friends, let alone ones of his age. Connie however is a few years younger, but still in the same range as him. This means that while Connie grows, Steven grows with her, and with that, he'll grow in appearance as well.

Connie and Steven could perfectly work together even if Steven wouldn't age physically, but after a while it would be a bit unhealthy for Connie if Steven didn't age mentally as well. He'd only keep her down.

Magic stuff

Okay, let's get this out of the way, since we know this would be coming. Steven and Connie fused quite some times, but what about when they "fuse"? You know, when two become one? Eventually, they'll reach the appropriate age when they want to do it.

Steven and Connie in Mindful Education

The biggest question is, how would they do it? Here's the main problem. Whenever they are in sync, they fuse. Simple as that. So, would it be possible to prevent it from happening?

Possibly, but it's really hard. When Jasper and the corrupted gem monster fused, there was no consent on the monster's part. This means that one can force a fusion. While any fusion between Steven and Connie would be consentual, not all cases might be on purpose. This might include doing "magic stuff".

Here's the problem, we don't exactly know what the right mindset is for fusion, and if "fusion" is also the right mindset. All we know is that their minds, their entire being, must be in complete sync, otherwise the fusion fails. So, can it be prevented during the deed? Sure, but it might be hard.

If there really is no way out of fusion, they could always do it with themselves as Stevonnie, but the more important thing here is, what about kids? How would they conceive?

Don't mind doing it for the kids

Steven and Fake Connie in Open Book

Eventually they'd want to have children, and there are two questions that can be asked here. First, how would they even conceive one, and second, how would Steven be affected by it?

There's a really simple answer to the first question, but also a more complicated one. If they want to conceive a child and fusion gets in the way of a natural conception, there's always the artificial option.

And in fact it might completely be plausible if Connie would decide to go this route. Her mother is a doctor after all. It still depends on what Steven wants, but it might just be that he'd go that route as well.

But if they still want to go the natural route, they'd first need to find a way to prevent fusion. Fortunately, there's a piece of technology that might work, and could be reworked to make it as painless as possible.

We know since The Return and Jailbreak that there is a technology that can destabilize a gem's form. It could be implied that this same technology could be used to unfuse a fusion. So, by extension, this could also be used to keep people from fusing as well.

Made by Steven and Connie

The second question can actually easily be answered. People wonder if Steven would have to give up his physical form to conceive a child, and the answer is no, he would not. At this point, it can be inferred that most of his body is organic, so even if his gem were to be passed on to the child, he'd still mostly live. On top of that, it has been speculated that Rose didn't even have to give up her physical form to create Steven, she only chose to do it.

But there's another point here. Steven isn't the one who's carrying the child, so there would be no reason nor a way for him to pass it on. Well, there is one way. Steven might not be able to carry a child, but Stevonnie possibly could. But this raises another question. Can they keep the fusion stable long enough to do this?

Stevonnie in Mindful Education

We know that Garnet can withstand a lot before unfusing, however, the difference might be that Garnet has a lot of combat experience. We also don't know what they do when they're not seen.

It could be possible that Stevonnie could carry the child, but what would happen if they would accidentally unfuse? What would happen with the child? There is the chance that the child might just go to Connie. I doubt it would kill the baby.

The end

At some point, everybody dies. The same goes for Connie, and eventually Steven as well. But while everybody thinks Connie might be the first to go, I think it would be Steven.

Like I said, Steven's life parallels that of Rose. So, it would only be natural for Steven to go first, from a narrative standpoint. Of course, the age of when it happens might differ, both Steven and Connie could be really old, and, it would make sense. In real life, the average life expectancy of males is lower than that of females.

And it would add to the tragedy. We know that Steven potentially could live a long life, longer than any human on Earth, but it might be that he chooses to age naturally. Steven isn't expected to live forever, Rose Quartz wanted to experience being a human, and that includes dying.

I can't believe that Steven friggen died!

Best friends forever

There's something about Steven and Connie that feels real. It's not just the romantic subtext, it's the feeling that they genuinely care for each other. It's the kind of friendship that feels like it's going to be forever. And when it develops into a true romance, it won't come out of the left field.

It might not be there yet, but all signs point to it happening some day. Whenever it happens, it's going to be a graduate progression.

Steven and Connie making music in Sworn to the Sword

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