Love Like You, Rebecca Sugar and Pink Diamond

Music plays a big part in Steven Universe. Every character has a musical instrument as their motif, and almost all songs are sung in-universe by somebody. Almost all, because there is one song that has been heard throughout the series, but there’s nobody who actually sang it. Today we’re going to find out the connection between the song Love Like You, Rebecca Sugar and Pink Diamond.

Love Like You

In order to find out about  who this song is being sung by, we need to find out what this song exactly is about. Since there’s no official word of the author, Rebecca Sugar didn’t really have a straight answer for us, it’s literally free for interpretation, but there’s one thing that you could take from the song. It’s about a person who isn’t exactly sure if he or she is a good person. The entire song talks about how the singer feels like she’s nothing like the other things she is, that she doesn’t believe that she actually can be as good as the other claims to be. We can assume that the person she’s singing to is somebody close to her.

We can also imply by the lyrics that the singer is actually loved by the one she’s singing to. At this point, I’m using the she-pronoun, as at this point I’m assuming Rebecca Sugar is the singer. It could even be that she wrote this song based on personal experiences in the same way Adventure Time’s Everything Stays was. Indeed, it does feel like a more personal song. But for this theory, we need to look at the person who’d be singing it in-universe.

Steven and the Crystal Gem legacy

If we’re looking at the song from an in-universe stance, there are quite a lot of candidates, depending on who the singer is. Officially, the song is written with nobody in particular in mind. It could be any of the Crystal Gems, or it could be Rose Quartz. Either of them would make the use of the song fitting for the season three finale. At that point, Steven’s faith in what he thought he knew was already shaken. He just learned that his own mother shattered Pink Diamond, and that none of the Crystal Gems told him about this. Rose poofed and bubbled Bismuth without telling any of the Gems. Steven’s image of Rose Quartz was shattered.

Steven's thought swarming during Stevonnie's trainingAdded to that is the fact that Steven himself had to do some questionable things. He too had to bubble Bismuth, although he did tell the Gems this time. Eyeball and the other Rubies were still floating in space because of him. He even purposefully threw Eyeball outside his bubble to save his own life. And somehow he felt responsible for Jasper turning corrupted. In some way, the song could also apply to Steven himself.

The voice of a diamond

There’s one problem, though. All these characters already have a voice, and we know that Love Like You is sung by Rebecca Sugar. That shouldn’t be a problem if the song was just an idea, a representation. But each and every song in Steven Universe has been sung by somebody. Even Haven’t You Noticed (I’m A Star) was sung by somebody, an unnamed popstar, yes, but still a character that existed in-universe. The licensed music from Mike Krol during the chase scene actually came from the radio. Love Like You is the only song not sung by somebody.

The singer has to be a character we haven’t seen so far, somebody only Rebecca could voice. And we know of at least one person who has been alluded to but has never been seen. Out of all the unseen characters, Pink Diamond has been put in the foreground a lot. She was a catalyst for many events. Even before her name was mentioned, people speculated about her existence. Jasper’s motives relied on what happened to Pink Diamond.

We know a lot about Pink Diamond, but we still don’t know what she looks like, or even what she sounds like. What we do know based on the upcoming Steven Bomb is that each Diamond has their own voice actor. This means that Pink Diamond too has her own voice.

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