Love Like You, Rebecca Sugar and Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond's mural

At this point, only few things are certain. Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond, and Pink Diamond was in charge over the Earth. Other than that, we don’t know a lot. We don’t even know her personality, but we can imply what she was like by the one image we do have. The mural depicts her as a graceful person. It seems like she’s dancing. Compared to the other diamonds, she seems more free in her movement. But her stance still conveys authority. She is a leader after all, and, if you’ve seen the upcoming Steven Bomb already, you know that Pink Diamond did things that we humans would consider bad.

In fact, you could say that about anything the Diamond Authority did, but one has to remember one thing. The diamonds didn’t do anything for our benefit. They did them to benefit their own race. To them, their actions are good, and the Crystal Gems are the bad guys. Yellow Diamond might seem intimidating, but she does things to advance her own people. She has no reason to assert dominance over the rest of Homeworld. She was literally made to lead her people. All diamonds were. Every gem knows their puprose the moment they come out of the ground. Rose Quartz already explains it best in the Season 3 episode Greg the Babysitter:

When a gem is made, it’s for a reason. They burst out of the ground already knowing what they’re supposed to be, and then… that’s what they are. Forever.

Gems aren’t supposed to rebel. What happened on Earth, that was an exception. Diamonds are there to lead, and they’re not unneccessarily cruel. They only do what has to be done.

Shattered, not dead

The Diamond Authority thinks they’re doing the right thing, and they might be. But it’s not the right thing for every race. We don’t know how many organic life they’ve destroyed. To the gem society, humans don’t come even close to gems. And that’s where the song really fits the diamonds, and more specifically, Pink Diamond.

We can’t deny Pink Diamond’s fate. It’s still a fact that she’s shattered. But we also know that a shattered gem isn’t necessarily dead. Each gem fragment still lives on, trying to reconnect with the other shards. This means that Pink Diamond might technically not be dead. It doesn’t mean we’ll get to see her anytime soon, and if we’ll ever see her, it might just be in a flashback, but it might mean that Pink Diamond is still out there in some way or form. We just don’t know where her shards are.

We can assume that most of her shards are somewhere in the possession of Homeworld. There is no way they would leave her on Earth. But chances are that some smaller shards might have been overlooked, and they came into the possession of the Crystal Gems. Not as trophies, but to keep them safe. No matter what Pink Diamond was, she was still Rose’s Diamond, and we all know that Rose respected all life. Even those of her enemies, which is why she refused to shatter them.

Love Like You and Pink Diamond

If the Crystal Gems have her shards, it would mean that they’re somewhere bubbled inside the temple. From there, she’d have to be in stasis. But, we don’t know the extent of her powers, and we also don’t know if all her shards have been caught. Maybe she has already experienced life on Earth in some form. That’s an entire theory on its own though, but the main point is that Pink Diamond would be undergoing the biggest change of all.

We know that Pink Diamond plays a big part in the Steven Universe story, and there’s a reason she’s being brought up this much. There is something Steven has to do, and it involves Pink Diamond. And this is where Love Like You comes in. Pink Diamond might be the one who sings the song.

Remember, the song isn’t just about someone who realizes that she might not be as good as she thought she was, it’s also about someone who has come back after a very long time. For a long time, we thought this referred to Rose Quartz, talking to Greg, but by the time Rose might come back Greg would already be dead. It also isn’t about Rose Quartz talking to Steven, because she made Steven happen because she wanted to experience being human with him.

No, this will all build up to Pink Diamond finally meeting with the one who shattered her, or rather, her son. And we know Steven, he’ll give everybody a chance, and it’s something that Pink Diamond wouldn’t expect. Not from a human at least.

Rebecca Sugar is Pink Diamond

It would be quite fitting if Rebecca Sugar was Pink Diamond. Aside from the fact that Rebecca is quite a beautiful woman, she’s the creator of the show, the most powerful being in Steven Universe’s world, perhaps even more powerful than a Diamond, so naturally, Pink Diamond should be voiced by somebody powerful.

In a way, it would be her story. It would be the story of Steven turning around the views of a powerful being, by showing her that life is worth it, that life on Earth is worth it. We know that Rebecca once suffered from depression, and we also know that her brother Steven Sugar was one of her pillars.

And, most of all, it would give Love Like You an extra layer, maybe even a more personal meaning. It would give the entire show a more personal meaning as well.

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