NEW! Play FREE games on NerdScribbles!

Hey you!

We have some exciting news! We are making our own games and plan to publish them on NerdScribbles! And we need YOUR help to make that happen.

Currently I’m working on our first game for the website and I need YOU to test it out. You need to sign up here to our website to be able to test the game and leave comments.

Of course there are more projects to come. Just keep visiting our site or like our facebook page to keep updated!

Can’t wait to get some input!

We’ll keep you updated!

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Author: DarkGenic

Originally a graphic designer/digital artist but loves to write about the things he’s passionate about. Though unexperienced in writing, he is determined to share his thoughts with a lot of Passion. In his spare time he roams the street as the red Ninja Turtle and is also known as an avid Force user.

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