Nintendo Switch : Absolutely Yes!… or not? 5 Pro’s and Con’s

Pro: Local multiplayer out of the box

Which brings me to the next point of interest. Thanks to the Joy-Con, you are basically always carrying two controllers with your Switch. As you can imagine, this not only gives you a local multiplayer experience out of the box, but it also gives you the possibility to play with a friend on the go, everywhere you are. Just imagine this, you’re waiting at the bus stop for your bus to arrive and you come across a friend who has to wait for the same bus:

“Hey dude, wucha playing?”
– “Nothing, just some Smash Brothers…”
“Dude, I’d so whoop your ass with Pikachu”
– “Oh, it’s ON!”
*slides out Joy-Cons*
“Challenge accepted!”

Yes, I know, the controllers are really small and I know most of the people out there are saying they are NEVER going to use this feature because of it, which makes it a nonsense feature. What if I told you that, if you own a Switch you will most likely use this feature at one point in time. I sometimes still struggle finding my second controller when I have a friend over to play some Smash or Mario Kart. How convenient it is to always have two controllers with your Switch at all times! And if you really end up never using it, no big deal! It’s a feature you don’t HAVE to use, its a feature that just adds up to the list of amazing things the Joy-Con has to offer.

Pro: Switch home system experience on the go

There has been countless amount of times where I would play a game and would think: “Wow, how awesome would it be to play this game on my lunch-break at work…”. With the switch you finally can. I always hated that the console version always varied from the handheld version of a certain game. When it didn’t there was never an optimal way to transfer your save file. IF there was any way to begin with. Yes, some games offer a cloud save feature but usually you’d forget to download your save file before getting out of the house. Now you only have to pop the handheld out of the dock and you have your home experience on the go.

Also, have I mentioned you never ever have to buy two separate versions of your favorite game? No handheld and console version. Just one single game for both systems. I honestly can’t wait to have my Monster Hunter game playable on the big screen AND on the go. As far as cross platform gaming goes, it can’t get any better than this!

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One thought on “Nintendo Switch : Absolutely Yes!… or not? 5 Pro’s and Con’s

  1. just noticed that a huge list of upcoming releases for the Switch is available! This disproves one of the Con arguments! Switch FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HYPEEEEE

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