Nintendo Switch : Absolutely Yes!… or not? 5 Pro’s and Con’s

Pro: Promising third party support

For the past few Nintendo console releases, it has been a known fact that Nintendo had poor third party support. Even though this still has to be proven, the line-up for third party companies is promising. We already know that Bethesda is coming with Skyrim (team Stormcloaks!) to the Switch, Electronic Arts with their amazingly popular FIFA titles and we know that Ubisoft is excited to develop games for Nintendo’s newest system. So it looks like the third party support is much more promising than that of the Wii and Wii U.

Pro: Switch console pricing

In comparison to Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo always has been lower priced at launch than their direct competition. The switch holds no exception. The Manufacturers Suggested Retailers Price (MSRP) is set at $299. That’s $100,- less than the PS4 pro and it’s rumored that Microsoft’s upcoming release (codename Scorpio) will be estimated to be along the same price range of that of the PS4 pro, which ties to the price difference as to the Switch and the PS4 pro. This makes the Switch accessible to a wider audience since, lets face it, nobody is waiting to buy another expensive gaming system.

Now that we have our 5 Pro’s out of the way, let’s begin discussing our 5 Con’s!

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One thought on “Nintendo Switch : Absolutely Yes!… or not? 5 Pro’s and Con’s

  1. just noticed that a huge list of upcoming releases for the Switch is available! This disproves one of the Con arguments! Switch FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HYPEEEEE

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