Nintendo Switch : Absolutely Yes!… or not? 5 Pro’s and Con’s


Con: Graphics

While I hold little value to the graphical aspect of a game, a considerable amount of gamers believe it basically defines a good game. Yes, I do believe that the graphics of a game carry some importance. I also believe that as long as the visual aspect complements the style and game-play and supports in keeping the game experience as immersive as possible, it doesn’t matter to me how graphically high end the game is.

The graphical capabilities of the Switch are good enough in my eyes (up to par to PS4 and XBOX one, which I think is pretty great already). Though, the consumers want more… expect more. We are nearing the generation where the uncanny valley in movies is slowly blurring into photorealism. It won’t be long until such kind of graphics can be achieved in video games. I know they’re getting real close already with PC gaming, where various GTA and Skyrim mods try to achieve just that. Nintendo always seems to be pacing behind when it comes to Graphical capabilities, and the Switch once again is no exception.

Con: Accessories pricing

As well priced the console itself is, the price of the accessories are, even for my liking, considerably on the high side. Let me just sum up the prices for you:

Pro Controller $69,99
Joy‑Con™ controllers $79,99
Joy‑Con™ Left or Right controller $49,99
Joy‑Con™ charging grip $29,99
Docking set $89,99
Joy‑Con™ wheel accessory $14,99

Come to think of it, I can’t think of any other controller of any other console being this high priced. And even though it’s true that you get a pair of Joy-Con for a slightly higher price than a single PS4 or XB1 controller, one single Joy-Con is priced fairly high for a controller with only two triggers and one analog less than any other conventional controller out there.

And I haven’t even mentioned the price of a docking set. Yes, it has the amazingly fast USB-C support for faster charging and data transfer but if you really look at it, it’s basically just a powered USB hub that charges your switch. It doesn’t give the Switch more processing power, the Switch itself does that when docked. Yeah, it outputs 1080p to your television screen but the processing power of the Switch’s Nvidia chip makes it possible, not the dock. Knowing Nintendo, they won’t do much about the prices of their accessories for a long while, which makes this aspect of the Switch even more disappointing than I’d like to admit.

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One thought on “Nintendo Switch : Absolutely Yes!… or not? 5 Pro’s and Con’s

  1. just noticed that a huge list of upcoming releases for the Switch is available! This disproves one of the Con arguments! Switch FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HYPEEEEE

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