The Theory Awakens: Finn Skywalker

The deserting stormtrooper

This in itself could be a big clue. We first see FN-2187 in a small village on jakku, where he is unable to follow the commands of the first order. He is the only stormtrooper not firing his gun. In one of the deleted scenes he is standing face to face with an innocent woman, her eyes pleading. He lets her escape when nobody’s watching. He even goes as far as helping a prisoner escape so that he can escape from the first order and his life as a stormtrooper. But why is he the only stormtrooper having this awakening? (yes, hold that thought)
We learn that the first order is no longer just using clone troopers, but instead is taking babies away from their homes to brainwash, train and indoctrinate them to become their puppets. This means The first order is probably all Finn has ever known. He was trained for this for years, yet on his first mission he immediately knows he can’t do this.These are precious seconds of screen time the director spends on telling the audience Finn had once a family, so it must be relevant Right?

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