The Theory Awakens: Finn Skywalker

There has been an awakening

Remember when Supreme Leader Snoke says this to Kylo Ren? I always thought he was referring to Rey, until some people pointed out that Rey hasn’t really done anything significant at this point in the movie. But guess who did? (Remember when I told you to hold that thought)

Finn at this point has made his choice to disobey the orders of his superiors, help Poe escape and get as far away as possible. Then he meets Rey and BB8 and tags along with them to return the map to Luke Skywalker to the resistance. Rey resisting Kylo Ren’s mind probing and even entering his mind to see his fears, performing Jedi mind tricks on the stormtrooper guarding her cell, the force vision she has when she touches the Skywalker lightsaber are all events that happen after Snoke and Ren have this conversation. All Rey did up to this point is leave Jakku on the Millennium Falcon. Kylo Ren admits he felt it too and if you have been paying attention you know exactly what he’s talking about.

When Finn refused to fire during his mission on Jakku we see Kylo Ren walking almost past him but before he does he stops to stare briefly at Finn. As if he can feel something about him (the Force, perhaps?). This is confirmed later on when Ren is informed by General Hux that Poe had help escaping from one of their own men, as he immediately responds with: ‘’ the one from the village…FN2187’’. I doubt that Ren knows all of the stormtroopers by number so this is another clue that Finn is not just any old stormtrooper, but he is actually closely monitored.

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