The Theory Awakens: Finn Skywalker

Force Abilities

Obviously I’m referring to the fact that Finn not only seems to be somewhat capable of handling the Skywalker lightsabre but also manages to defend himself quite well against the TR8R stormtrooper but also against an injured Kylo Ren. MASTER OF THE KNIGHTS OF REN. He even manages to scrape his arm.
But there’s another sign that Finn actually possesses impressive Force powers. Remember when Starkiller base Completely destroys the Hosnian system? At that moment Finn is at the planet Takodana where he is just about to enter a spaceship so he could leave for the Outer Rim as he hears people screaming. He turns around and witnesses the destruction of the Hosnian system. The screams Finn hears are not the screams of the people with him on Takodana. You can clearly see that they are in shock, but none of them is screaming. Finn hears the screams of the people of the Hosnian system through the force similar to when Obi Wan heard the screams of the people of Alderaan. These not so subtle hints suggest that Finn is also Force sensitive. Even his stormtrooper ID -FN2187- is pointing at this. Not only is 2187 the number of the cell princess Leia was held in in A New Hope, it’s actually the name of a short movie that has inspired George Lucas to create Star Wars. So you could say 2187 is the number of the Force itself. I don’t think it’s a coincidence they used this easter egg on Finn. They could also have put it on Rey’s helmet for example, or the AT-AT she was living in but between all options they chose Finn.



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