The Theory Awakens: Finn Skywalker

The role of the character

I believe Finns role as a character in the sequel trilogy is also one of the reason why I believe he could very well be Luke Skywalker’s son. Why? Let’s assume that I’m wrong and Rey is Luke’s daughter, what would that make Finn? Just one of the supportive characters to help Rey achieve her main goals? I believe he’s way more than that just from the character development he’s already gone through. He has been a stormtrooper his entire life but he decides he can’t do this and while he wants to run as far away from the first order as possible at first, he later on decides to fight alongside the resistance and against the first order to help save his friend. At one point he even lies about being a ‘big deal in the resistance’, but what if he’s actually not lying but unknowingly foreshadowing? Maybe he actually IS a big deal in the resistance in the form of Luke’s lost son? And speaking of roles and big deals; John Boyega and Daisy Ridley (Finn and Rey) both have British accents but while Daisy gets to use her British accent, John was instructed to use an American accent. Could this be another connection to Luke?

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