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The missing mothers

So now we have all of these hints, deductions and easter eggs that could explain why Finn could be Luke’s son. But how did Finn get separated from Luke? How could Luke let the first order take his own son? Who is Finn’s mother? Where is she and what happened to her? Though I really liked the idea of Luke being Finn’s father I had no idea, until I stumbled upon this youtube video from Nakari Studio, stating that Finn could be the son of Luke and a woman named Sana Starros. Sana is introduced in the new canon comics as Sana Solo, as she claims to be the wife of Han Solo. This later appears to have been a cover they used for smuggling. She has a connection to Luke, she was alive in the right timeline. This theory also explores the possibility that Shara Bey, the mother of Poe Dameron who was also an excellent pilot, could have died protecting Sana and her unborn child, as her death was never explained. This also creates another beautiful parallel: Finn needed a pilot (Poe) to get away from the First Order, just like his father Luke needed a pilot (Shara) to get his wife and unborn child away from the First Order. Shara Bey dying while protecting Sana and unborn Finn could explain how Finn ended up with the first order and why Luke might not know Finn survived like Anakin didn’t know Luke and Leia survived. Also, at the end of TFA, Luke is seen standing by what kind of resembles a grave site. Could this be the grave he built for his wife?

This theory would also tie in perfectly with the fact that  Luke gave Shara Bey one of the force trees Palpatine stole from the Jedi order and the recently leaked photo of a peculiar tree from Episode VIII, the connection Poe and Finn seem to have from the start and the rumor that we’ll be seeing more of Sana Starros in the upcoming Han Solo movies. With the marvel comics being canon this isn’t hard to believe at all and it would make a perfect bridge from the sequel trilogy to the Han Solo movies.

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