The Theory Awakens: Finn Skywalker

Conclusion and sources

Of course this is just a theory and it’s all based on speculation so it could very well be false. However, to me the evidence is compelling and it just fits so well within the story. It has the element of surprise a plot twist is supposed to have, it connects to the Marvel comics, it parallels A New Hope…and I just think it would make Finn even more badass. This is just my opinion, but I would love to hear how you guys feel about this. Do you agree or disagree and why? Please let us know your thoughts and opinions!


 As I mentioned in the beginning, when I first thought of the possibility of Finn being a Skywalker I searched the internet for backup evidence. I found a lot of information in the following blogs and youtube videos. Check out their channel/page, it’s really awesome and has provided me with a lot of info.

Thanks for reading, see you next time and may the Force be with you!



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