Zer0English (or RaynTaeyang) is an entertainer and content creator. He started his journey on youtube when he was just 5 years old. There’s not a lot of content available on his youtube channel due to the fact that he still is a minor and has other obligations such as school.

He loves playing video games and likes to feature them in his content. Some examples of games he likes to play are:
– Roblox
– Minecraft
– Fortnite
– Destiny 2
– Garry’s mod
– Friday night funkin
– Among us

When he is not playing video games, he likes to draw out his imagination on paper or digitally. As of today however, he has not built up a portfolio just yet.


As mentioned earlier, Zer0English started his youtube channel at the age of 5. His first video is also where he got his nickname from. He meant to say that he’s not english in the end of the video, but instead he told his audience he’s “Zero English”.

He just embraced the name in the beginning of his next video and decided to use it throughout the rest of his videos.

Despite his first language being Dutch, his English is understandable enough for his English speaking audience to follow.

His best performing YouTube video so far is “Splatoon 2 PART1” where he randomly starts to sing Eiffel65’s “I’m Blue”, A true 90’s classic.

video starts at the timestamp where he explains his audience he’s “zero english” meaning he is not a native English speaker.

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